Thursday, December 30, 2010

PORTRAITS. Who's Minding the Store?

D.H. BURNHAM and Company

While Daniel Burnham had "moved south" to oversee construction of the Chicago World's Fair, Dwight Heald Perkins ran D.H.Burnham and Company's Loop Architectural Office

During this time, Perkins oversaw the construction of John  Root's Monadnock Building.  Brick by brick. Other buildings under construction at this time (according to Thomas Hines) include the Masonic Temple, the Women's Temple, the Ashland Block and some half dozen houses. Mr. Perkins must have been one busy man.

In 1895 Perkins left D.H. Burnham & Co (with the Steinway commission in hand) and a future with the Chicago Public Schools.  His contributions to the Cook County Forest Preserve system, alone, would have (and did)  put him on the map.


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