Monday, December 27, 2010

D. H. BURNHAM and Company . Illinois Trust and Savings Bank

Daniel Burnham's Illinois Trust and Savings Bank (northeast corner of LaSalle and Jackson)(now demolished)  dates to 1896/1897 (depending on who's counting).  Sequentially that's after Charles Atwood (died in 1895) and before Peirce Anderson (joined the firm in 1899).  Possibly Frederick Dinkelberg (Atwood's one time assistant)  designed this one -- from sketches begun by Atwood .  More "neo" architecture followed, as Burnham filled the firm with Ecole Diplomes.  This (and of course the Fair) were the first.  Credit due Charles Moore's "Burnham, Planner of Cities."


Each of these photo studies is a (heavily photoshopped)  detail taken from the same "base" photograph. The Rookery literally towers to the north.  Horse drawn carriages and automobiles share the streets.  Cobb's dome at the Federal Center (partially oabscured by filthy air) dates the scene sometime after 1905.

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