Sunday, January 2, 2011


D. H. Burnham & Co.

Following the 1893 Exposition, D. H. Burnham & Co's work consisted almost entirely of  major commissions. Almost. In 1914 Peirce Anderson found time for this little Lake Bluff Cottage commissioned by Stanley Field.

The Stanley Field Residence (Credit Charles Moore's "Burnham Planner of Cities.")

Four years earlier,  D.H. Burnham & Co also found time for  the Chicago Thread Factory (later listed as "owned" by the Marshall Field Estate) in Monticello, Indiana. 

The Chicago Thread Company (Credit W.C. Madden's "Monticello")

A good client could expect exceptional service -- even a favor or two.  But what drew D.H.  Burnham & Company to central Indiana in 1894 to design the Tipton Bank?  And which staff member was responsible?


MONTICELLO is a great little book -- if you're Hoosier, a Farmer,
a German Catholic (lotsa Englehardts and Kundrats here),
a Burnham fanatic or just always curious... 

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