Friday, February 27, 2009


The Columns flanking Marshall Field & Company's State Street Entrance are 50 foot tall granite monoliths rivalled in size only by the columns at Egypt's Temple of Karnak. Daniel Burnham made no little plans.

Peirce Anderson left the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris in 1899 with a thoroughly classical education. After a year's travel in Europe he joined D. H. Burnham. He chose Ionic columns for the State Street Entrance, the top floor Loggia, and the North Atrium, and Corinthian Columns for the Grand Arcade that connects Randolph Street to State Street. The "Ecole" would soon make itself felt throughout the Loop.
Above: A column base at the Entry monoliths.

Above: An Ionic capital at the top floor Loggia.

Above: An Ionic capital at the North Atrium

Above: The Corinthian Columns of the Grand Arcade.

Marshall Field died in 1906. Although he lived to see the State Street Entrance and the North Atrium, he never saw the completed State Street South section which includes the Walnut Room and the Tiffany Dome.

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