Tuesday, June 26, 2012


From the completion of the Field Building in 1935 to the completion of the Prudential in 1955, there had been no major construction in the Loop. This 1950 photo could just have easily been taken in 1940.  But the world had indeed changed. Our view of the future at the Century of Progress had been THIS.   Our reality was THIS  .  And the question, "What do you do with 5 major railroad terminals, thousands of hotel rooms, and the millions of square feet of retail space that relies on an overnight stay in Chicago for anyone travelling cross county?" ..... had yet to be asked.


Architectural sculpture disappeared from the American vocabulary during the years of depression and war.  Almost.  Sigurd Naess asked Alphonso Iannelli to sculpt the Rock of Gibralter on the 1955 Prudential Building.  Iannelli had worked with Frank Lloyd Wright (if anyone ever worked "with" Frank) on the Midway Gardens project.  Link here for Iannelli's less famous work at the Adler Planetarium


Fine Art Photographs of Chicago Landmark Architecture and Sculpture


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