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After leaving the Garden City Institute, Daniel Burnham was enrolled in Chicago Public Schools. He attended Jones to finish his elementary education, and went on to Central High, at the corner of Monroe and Halsted. At Central, Burnham made lifelong friends (and business connections) including Nevada prospecting partner Edward Waller. (We'll hear more about him when we blog the Rookery).Link here for the state of the CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS in 1879 and before. ( It looks like one of the Swedenborgian Snows may followed Daniel from the GCI to Central.) 

CENTRAL HIGHHalsted Street at Monroe. Credit CPS.

While researching Daniel Burnham (while researching anyone, for that matter) I look for things we might have in common -- Chicago, for example. But the Chicago of Daniel Burnham's youth bears little resemblance to my Chicago.  We are separated by 6 Wars and  Fire.  Chicago in the late 1850's was preparing for War with the South.  Stephen A. Douglas (of the Lincoln/Douglas debates) had recently donated a portion of his Oakenwald to the University of Chicago.
OLD UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO. Cottage Grove near 34th
Archival Photographic Files, [apf2-05352], Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library.
Look at those towers!  The Building was done by W. W. Boyington.  John Root couldn't resist a good tower either.... look at Lynn Becker's post describing Burnham and Root's Church of the Covenant. 

CAMP DOUGLAS AND THE OLD UC. 35th  near Lake Shore
Archival Photographic Files, [apf2-05364], Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library.

By 1860 Camp Douglas had been established to train new Civil War recruits.  By 1861 the Camp had become more a prisoner of war camp for captured confederates.  Link HERE for more on the Lincoln/Douglas debates.,


I highly recommnend the University of Chicago Archival Photographic Files....but only when you've got some time!  Link HERE.


We're in the process of proofing, refining and obtaining permissions for the publication of  our newest project.  Preview the work here.

The Parthenon Frieze

Photography by Gregory H. Jenkins AIA


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