Friday, February 4, 2011

DANIEL BURNHAM. An Observation

By 1891, 23 year old George Ellery Hale (1868 - 1938), son of the Developer of Chicago's Reliance Building  (link here) had talked the "old man" into building him a little Observatory out back of his Burnham and Root designed mansion on South Drexel Boulevard.


Two years later, George saw the 40" refracting telescope at the Columbian Exposition.  By 1897 (with a little help from Charles Yerkes)  Hale had found a permanent home for this world class telescope at the Yerkes Observatory (Designed by Charles Ives Cobb) on the shores of Lake Geneva.  Link HERE to see the Yerkes.

But in 1904, when Hale founded the Mount Wilson Observatory (near Pasadena Ca), he called on Daniel Burnham to prepare the designs. Link HERE to see Mount Wilson today.

From Prairie Avenue to the Calumet Club.  From  Drexel Boulevard and Lake Geneva to Manila and back. To the San Gabriel Mountains.  Daniel Burnham missed no opportunities.


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