Friday, September 3, 2010

LOUIS SULLIVAN'S IDEA. At the Chicago Cultural Center

Curated by Tim Samuelson.  Designed by Graphic Artist Tim Ware.

Rarely have I been as excited by an exhibit as I was, today, at LOUIS SULLIVAN'S IDEA. (So excited, in fact, that I've delayed the post I'd been planning on Charles Atwood.) Ranging through time, detail, and scale, focusing both on the well known and the obscure, this exhibit combines photographs, artifacts, construction documents and text to show facets of Sullivan that are so easily overlooked. Sullivan comes alive, bringing Adler, Edelman, Schneider, and the late 19th century with him. The photos below cannot do the Exhibit justice -- but hopefully they give a taste of what is in store at the Cultural Center.

Remarkable.  In every way.

Take a look at ArchitectureChicago Plus' take on the Exhibit HERE along with comments by Tim Samuelson.


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