Monday, March 29, 2010

DANIEL BURNHAM. The Railway Exchange. Apologia

And so.


Chicago School within a Beaux Arts Format. Ruskin's organics. Anderson's 4th Century Rome. Dinkelberg's (can't wait to blog the Jewelers' Building) enormous, philosophically anchored talent. The echo of Atwood. Not to mention the Vanderbilts.

This (all of this) is Daniel Burnham, "the man who set Architecture back by 50 years" (at a Fair that put Chicago on the Map) creating a synthesis of Regionalism and Classicism at the Railway Exchange -- the building that would become home to the creation of the 1909 Plan of the City of Chicago.

Within this framework, the synthesis of Greece and that Native American woman's perfect grace present irrefutable logic.

Daniel, we've underestimated you.

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