Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CHICAGO. Architecture in the Loop

Today's CHICAGO.Architecture in the Loop Post, I decided, really belongs to CHICAGO.Sculpture in the Loop, where it has been posted.

There is mention, there, of Daniel Burnham, Peirce Anderson, Ernest Graham, Larry Perkins and Carter Manny. These Architects have their legacies, with many others. And those of us working in Chicago have inherited their traditions, no matter how distant they may seem or even how little we recognize their contributions.

Working with this Blog I have searched other Cities and watched their Blog communities. Not one, not even New York (not even) compares with what is happening, even now, in Chicago. Not only what we have in scope, but what we also have in teamwork. Chicago Architecture and Cityscape kindly recommended this Blog in a recent post. And now its my turn to return the favor -- Chicago Architecture and Cityscape is a must-see ---and don't just stop with the recent posts. This Blog is a years long commitment, extremely broad in range and scope, to Chicago's important Architectural Landmarks and a remarkable resource to us all.

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  1. I am deeply honored by this recommendation ..

    And I have to emphasise that a return-favor was not at all on my mind .. Talking about which, I got to say that had I surmised this reaction, I would have mentioned your website much earlier!

    Quite honestly, I really admire your work. Your images, especially macro, are mindblowing!!! It is always a pleasure visiting this place ...